Our Residents

.Our residents are incredibly varied, each with their own unique care needs. At Elreg House we have an enablement philosophy which serves as an organising principle for the care and support of people with dementia. It focuses positively on what people can do, given appropriate support, and on the possibilities for living well with dementia

It is all too easy to see the negatives and deficits around someone living with dementia and to remain oblivious to their capabilities and potential and those of the resources they may have around them. At Elreg House we use best practice principles when promoting a risk enablement approach including risk assessments, supportive team environment and constant monitoring and review.

We find the importance of working with the individual to develop person-centred goals, in line with the SMART principles, is an important approach to encouraging independence where possible.  

We ensure people from different equality groups have equal access to care pathways and all parts of the service. We ensure we put our residents at the centre of our services putting them truly at the heart of the delivery, in other words creating person centred care with our service users involved fully to ensure they achieve positive outcomes


Choosing a care home for someone is an important decision.

Elreg House is a safe, adapted environment for those living with dementia whilst still valuing each resident as an individual.