Responsive and well-led care.

Each person’s needs and choices will be unique to them. This means that our staff must do all they can to help residents convey their personal aspirations and goals, and the support they need. All key information is held in the care plan, to keep focus on what is important to that individual and enable their care and support to reflect this.

At Elreg we have “Key Workers” for each resident, this means when their needs and preferences change their plan is updated and all those who need to know, such as the other care staff are kept up to date. The emphasis is on safe care that respects a person’s right to take risks that they understand and enable them to be as independent as possible.

Staff work hard to prevent residents from feeling lonely. They do this by helping them to keep in contact with their family and friends, with access to a mobile phone and ipad to FaceTime their friends and family. We encourage regular family visits.

If residents have any concerns and complaints, staff always take them seriously, investigate them thoroughly and respond to them in good time.


You can expect Elreg House to be well-led because…


Angelina is always on hand to speak with residents, friends and family. She will listen to concerns and always has our residents best interests in mind. She leads by example making sure she is on the home floor, caring for residents and supporting staff to be happy in their work.


Angelina is clear on what her responsibilities are and is always honest, including when things go wrong.

Staff have the confidence to report concerns about the care that colleagues, carers and other professionals give. When this happens they are supported and their concerns are thoroughly investigated. 


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Choosing a care home for someone is an important decision.

Elreg House is a safe, adapted environment for those living with dementia whilst still valuing each resident as an individual.